Girls‘ tennis advances to regional play


The girls’ tennis team clinched a District tiebreaker match against Edgewood last Tuesday night, winning all five matches, which sends them onto Regionals this Tuesday.

“It was a really rewarding moment,” junior Maci Pekmezian said. “We were able to crush our rival school and get the win to move on to Regionals.”

Tensions were high going into these matches, as West Shore and Edgewood were tied in the District and whoever won would be moving onto Regionals. The Lady Wildcats however, did not let the pressure get to them and swept their matches.

“I was super proud of the teams’ performance,” senior Erin O’Brien said. “We’ve been working really hard and really focusing in on this match so to win all of the games was very rewarding.”

Junior Maci Pekmezian beat freshman Ria Prasad  8-2, junior Sarah Bahsoun beat Nishka Dalai  8-0, Bianka Albert beat Karlie Lawrence 8-2, freshman Tehya Bahsoun beat Claire Kunik 8-2 and senior Abby Mechachonis beat Ashlee Hirji  8-2.

“We were all so relieved and excited that we were moving onto Regionals,” Pekmezian said. “We really just enjoyed that moment after the game, and I think it brought us closer together as a team.”

By Madison Ainbinder