Sophomores kick it in homerooms

Catrina Narmore

The sophomore class recently started what it hopes will become a new tradition. Four homerooms were picked to battle it out in a kickball tournament while the rest of the classes watched. Linda Johnson’s homeroom class lost to Robert Klassen’s and Chloe Radd’s homeroom played Amy Davis’ group.

“My homeroom teacher was the one who came up with the kickball idea,” sophomore Abigail Johnson said. “We were all kind of annoyed at first because we love spending time together in homeroom, but after the first game the idea seemed to be OK and I can’t wait to play [again].”

Sophomore Madison Brownlie warmed to the idea slowly.

“Almost all of my friends were dreading the kickball tournament,” she said. “It was going to be cold and we are lazy.”

Once the games started, Brownlie began to change her mind.

“The cold was annoying but being able to cheer on my friends when they fouled the ball was pretty fun,” she said.

Sophomore Elizabeth Beattie bought in to the idea from the beginning.

“I’ve been excited about this bonding activity since I heard about it,” she said. “I knew that it would give me a chance to show off my athletic skills in front of all of my peers.”

By Catrina Narmore