Seniors sign off at yearbook party

With the end of the school year approaching, seniors got together in the cafeteria after school last week for a yearbook distribution and signing party. The yearbook staff organized the event for the Class of 2023, yearbook editor in chief Aarushi Vyas said.

“We prepared for the senior signing party by first ordering pizzas and getting water in advance,” Vyas said. “On the day of the party, we set up the cafeteria by sorting the senior yearbooks from the underclassmen yearbooks and showing a demonstration of how to use the online system of distribution to the rest of the staff.”

Because of the preparations, the event went smoothly for the staff, Vyas said.

“The distribution party actually went better than planned,” she said. “Everyone on staff was on top of things and got what they were assigned done, so it went by really fast.”

Senior Zac Zammas said he felt the event was necessary for the senior class to get together one last time before graduation because of their collectively busy schedules.

“I think the signing party was purposeful, especially with all the dual-enrollment students that are rarely on campus, and with all the seniors in one place. It was easy to get the books around to all of our friends and classmates.

The yearbook distribution and signing party marked the end of the year for some seniors as last documentation of their memories, Zammas said.

“In a way, it was hard to get the yearbook because we know it’s the last time we get to do this,” he said. “Overall, it was a mixed bag of feelings, both happy that we could spend more time together in a fun way, but also kind of sad as we wind down our year together.”

By Jolie Russo