Science Research prepares for presentations

Students in Science Research are beginning to practice and prepare their projects for presentations coming up later this semester at the Melbourne Square Mall. They are starting to learn the ways in which to respond to a judge when approached about their projects.

“Whenever a judge comes up, we introduce ourselves and then give them a presentation on our projects,” Faith Collins [9] said.

Not only will students have to summarize their projects to judges, but they will also be answering questions.

“[Judges] are allowed to ask as many questions as they want,” Collins said. “So sometimes judging lasts 10 minutes while other times it can last like 30 minutes. You get about five to eight judges throughout the day.”

Students are preparing with the rest of their classmates to make sure they are ready.

“We are going to present to our class and ask some of the questions that judges ask in order to prepare us for their questioning,” Collins said.

The days of the presentations take a long time, and the complicated questions asked can make the timing even longer, as stated before. Some of these questions are: “What would you do if you had to do this project again? What were some limitations to your project? Why are your findings significant or important?” Collins said. “Basically on the first day we have to sit at the mall for seven hours.”

By Alexandria Wright