NHS shares love with elderly

National Honor Society members recently crafted more than 60 homemade Valentines for the residents at Brookdale assisted living community.

“I just cut pieces of paper into different shapes, like a heart, colored them and wrote cute messages on them,” sophomore Katelyn Owl said. “It was fun. I love these kinds of things. It’s not homework. It’s voluntary, which I think makes it more meaningful.”

From heart-shaped, pink and red cards to bananas that say “finding you appealing” there was no doubt in NHS members’ minds that whoever would receive these Valentines would enjoy them.

“It’s always nice to receive because it’s a way to feel appreciated and loved,” Owl said. “It feels even better to give though because it’s nice to feel like you are making someone happy and are making their day better which I know these cards will for the residents.”

Owl added that the project impacted NHS members as much as it did those who received the Valentines.

“It’s really sad,” Owl said. “I’ve been to homes like this one before and since I know how it feels to be with loved ones or get gifts, my heart truly breaks for people who don’t have that too,” she said. “I can’t stop smiling, I get all warm inside and my heart flutters when I feel loved, so I hope those who get my cards get that same kind of feeling.”

NHS sponsor Missy Henderson said she hopes the project inspires community interaction beyond Valentine’s Day. 

“I think every day should be more like it,” she said. “It doesn’t have to be a special holiday.”

By Sierra Vehec