International Fiesta draws small crowd

The Spanish Honor Society held its annual International Fiesta on Friday in the school cafeteria, featuring foods from various countries, music and arts-and-crafts. Of the arts-and-crafts they had at the event, students could decorate their own piñata and sugar skulls.

“When you entered there was music playing,” sophomore Auria Rembert said. “You got your food through kind of buffet style, going to each country and then you sat and ate or did art. I wish they incorporated games and also had more food.” 

Spanish Honor Society had multiple meetings to plan the event and decorate posters to advertise it.

“We put the posters up the day before during Power Hour,” sophomore and club member Meghan Matthys said. “I’d say probably 25 or so people came. I wish we would have put the posters up earlier so that more people would know about it.” 

Rembert said she attended the International Fiesta because it was extra credit for her Spanish class and she had to stay after school.

“I’m really glad I went because I liked being able to try the different types of food from each culture,” she said.

Tyanna Jeter