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Campus disconnected over upcoming switch to Canvas

Both teachers and students alike are beginning to prepare for the switch from Google Classroom to Canvas in the upcoming school year. Mixed opinions are arising from the teachers and student body, but AP Government and Economics teacher Austin Glezen said he thinks the switch is one for the better, as many colleges use Canvas.

“West Shore is a college prep school, and what better way to prepare you for school than mimic their learning system?” Glezen said. “It will give students an easier transition into college because they will not have to learn the new software while also learning how to be a college student.”

In addition to learning how to use it from a teacher perspective, Glezen has used the software as a student and knows firsthand the benefits of understanding how it works.

“I used Canvas exclusively when I was in college at USF,” Glezen said. “There was a learning curve when it was first introduced to me, and there isn’t anyone in college to teach you the software. You are just expected to figure out the software on your own. The Canvas we have at school is the exact same Canvas that is used at the collegiate level, so if you learn Canvas now, you already have a head start on other students.”

With this transition, dual enrollment students such as junior Tanisha Bertilien will have a slight advantage, as they already use the software for their college classes. Because of this, Bertilien said she is relatively unbothered by this news.

“I actually really like Canvas,” Bertilien said. “I think it’s cool how you can see everything on the one screen — you can see your assignments, grades, and quizzes all on one site.”

Despite the potential benefits, sophomore Cassidy Corey said she has some concerns about the process.

“I don’t love how there hasn’t been a real announcement about it — I’ve only heard about it through word of mouth,” Corey said. “I don’t think it’s an absolutely terrible idea, but I don’t like that they’re just springing it on us like this, and that it’s just going to be an abrupt, immediate process. I feel like they could have maybe given us some time to adjust. Like, I don’t know, maybe they could just implement it in a few classes as a test run to let us get used to it? We’ve been using Google Classroom for years; we’re going to need some time.”

Glezen said that he understood that the transition might be difficult for students, but it would be worth it in the end.

“The transition period may be difficult because we are creatures of habit,” Glezen said. “I think teachers will have the more challenges than students will with switching over because a lot of teachers have their resources pre-built in Google Classroom. There will be a bit of a learning curve, but once teachers and students get over that, I think we will look back and see what a great idea Canvas was for our school.”


By Hannah Jones

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