Final exams will get underway Tuesday


Final exams for underclassmen begin Tuesday. These tests are supposed to access student knowledge on all of the information they have learned throughout the year. 

Sophomore Sierra Crum has been studying especially hard.

“I have spent several hours a night making sure I know information front and back,” Crum said

To ensure Crum’s study flow, she said she makes sure to take breaks after every 30 minutes to keep focused.

Sophomore Anastasia Wright uses all sorts of resources to study.

“For my final exams I have been using YouTube videos, study guides and going through my notes,” she said.

Wright said she prefers to have a direct study format.

“The best study method for me is study guides because they provide a really accurate map of what the test will look like,” she said.

Instructors have also been providing students with materials for them to use to study. 

“Teachers have been passing out review worksheets for us to complete, as well as summary sheets that detail the lessons and amount of questions per chapter or lesson,” sophomore Gianna Theodoropoulos said. “When I study, active recall and practice problems typically work best for me.”

Crum said she enjoys some of the assignments for finals.

“Some teachers have been giving out study packets, while some have just had us do final projects,” she said. “Some final projects are on stuff we enjoy.”

Wright said her hard work this year has paid off and will be reflected in her finals.

“I’m pretty confident that I will pass my finals. I’ve studied and worked hard this year and I’m happy with where I am,” she said. “Some of my finals will be hard, yes, but that can be fixed with some extra studying.”

The seventh-period exams will given Tuesday. Fifth- and sixth-period exams will be Wednesday, third- and fourth-period exams will be Thursday and first- and second-period exams will close out the year on Friday.

By Hannah Talaia