Math students shine at district competition

West Shore’s mathletes took center stage at the annual BPS Math Tournament on Jan. 31.  Countless schools throughout the county participated in the competition. Students in various levels of math — Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and AP Calc/Stats — competed in a written section and a math bowl.

“Overall, our AP Calc/Stats team and our Geometry won in their divisions,” freshman Emily Marshall said.

Freshman Rhea Sinha and Marshall were both part of the Algebra II team, which consisted of four people.

“Our Algebra 2 team won first place in the written portion and it was such an amazing moment,” Sinha said. “Sophia [Fetouh] and I were in complete shock and we smiled the whole way as we received our certificates.”

The students who participated in the tournament were selected by their math teachers.

“[Calculus teacher Annie] Nery sponsored the competition,” Sinha said. “She got sick a week before the competition, and I was worried it would be canceled like last year.”

By Zainab Hussain