JV cheer season draws to a close

The boys’ basketball game on Friday night marked the JV cheer team’s final game of the season. 

“I think the team as a whole is sad this was our last game together,” freshman Hannah Jones said. 

Jones plans to condition during the time off. 

“Because of my injury, I’m going to have a lot of strength to earn back before tryouts,” she said. 

Tryouts for next season will be held in April and some of the team might be moved to varsity. 

“I believe some of JV will be promoted to varsity because they have improved so much this year, “ eighth-grader Carina C. said. “ Many are also very committed to the team. “

Jones says the girls returning to JV will bring what is needed to the team. 

“Considering how much some of the girls have grown this year, I think that the girls who chose to return will bring the needed strength ad experience to the team,” Jones said. 

By Calianna Counsman