Jobs complicate studying for PSAT

Junior Gabrielle Cintron said she has been struggling to prepare for the upcoming PSAT on Wednesday. With the test drawing near, it has become difficult for her to balance school work,  her job and studying.

“It’s honestly a struggle,” she said. ”I have to schedule the times I get off or get out of doing what I am doing with studying, and it has honestly hindered the amount of time I’ve had to prepare. And with scholarships also being a big importance, it is going to hinder me in the future. 

Many have also been finding it difficult to find free time on the weekends with work and with school work. 

“On Fridays, it’s a hard time [to manage school work and a job] because then I have to do everything for the weekend pretty fast in order to have a weekend where I can work and not stress about school,“ Cintron said. 

Junior Nicholas Cattaneo, who doesn’t have a job, said he has found it easier to study for the PSAT and manage his school work. 

“I feel like I have more time to study,” he said. “Considering that because I don’t have a job I have an easier time planning out the things I am going to do throughout the day like class homework, chores and after school activities. Not having a job is a pretty good substitute for the studying of my PSAT.”

By Shannon Nadeau