Graduation committee members chosen

The graduation committee, which is responsible for planning the ceremony, the senior picnic, and several other 12th-grade events, has recently been formed and consists of senior students, parents, teachers, and faculty. Principal Rick Fleming, as head of the committee, has chosen 14 students, including the senior class officers, to be involved with planning their graduation, held in late May. Each member of this committee will receive a letter on Monday notifying them of their induction. From February forward, the committee’s members will meet on the third day of every month to assure that graduation and other senior events are successful and memorable.

The students chosen to represent the committee will be responsible for making the graduation program, voting on speeches, and choosing the talents to be showcased at graduation, among several other things.

“What is truly unique and special about West Shore’s graduation, is that the students plan their own graduation, everything from their class flower to the speeches given at the event,” Principal Rick Fleming said.

Many students  feel honored to be selected to represent their class on the committee as only six to eight at large students are chosen.

“As senior class president, I was automatically put on the Graduation Committee,” senior Jenna Winter said. “I am very fortunate to have this opportunity to contribute my time and effort to the graduation ceremony that we seniors have all been working so hard to get to.”

Senior Vinny Guglietta, who is a member of the committee, agrees.

“I’m happy to be a part of the behind the scenes effort of one of the most remarkable events in my and my fellow seniors’ lives,” Guglietta said.

Graduation will be held on May 23 at the King Center.