Girls’ tennis tryouts start Monday

Sophomore Rosellen Rodriguez said she ready for the girls’ tennis team tryouts which have been scheduled for 4:10 p.m. Monday at the Hoover courts.

“I’ve been playing three times a week and off days I try to run,” she said. I’ve been taking private lessons since the summer, and I just ordered a new racket.”

Sophomore Lasya Damaraju said this season will be different from the ones in the past.

“I heard that we’re keeping all the girls who try out, so we’ll have a lot of people,” she said. “Also, we’re going to be playing a lot of different and new teams this year because of being in the Cape Coast Conference. It will be a lot more match play, especially for those of us who aren’t regularly in the top 5 and don’t always play matches.”

The tryouts will continue throughout the week.

By Alex Matta