Girls’ tennis overwhelms Heritage

Sophomore Rosellen Rodriguez won 8-0 in her singles and 8-3 in her doubles Tuesday evening in match against Heritage High School, contributing to the girls tennis team’s 7-0 victory.

“I found myself becoming more confident on the court,” Rodriguez said. “I don’t really hold back shots anymore if I want to go for them. There’s also my consistency too, which I think has gotten better.”

Sophomore Lasya Damaraju, who scored 8-2 in her singles and 6-0 in her exhibition doubles, said the team as a whole is improving.

“Are whole team is pretty solid at this point,” Damaraju said. “We don’t really have any weak players. We know when to get the ball in and really just how to win.”

Though the team is getting better with every match and every game, Rodriguez said there is always room for improvement.

“We need to work on staying positive,” she said. “I think a good strategy for beating them is keeping our heads in the game. That definitely is something that we need to keep in mind when we go to districts or play teams like Mel High.”

By Shelbi Winslow