Dual-enrollment students begin midterms

Dual-enrollment students face stressful times as midterm week starts at Eastern Florida State College. Students struggle with studying for the courses while handling their taxing high-school workload.

“I had to study so much for my Abnormal Psychology exam,” junior Zanielle Wells said. “My professor said that it will be so hard that the final will be redemption.”

Wells talks about how the process of studying is different, especially when the professors have different teaching methods, or give different workloads.

“When I study I like to rewrite my notes, look over my outlines and look over past quizzes or class work,” Wells said. “I find it very helpful and it is a great studying tool.”

For the exams, it is best to know the information, especially since taking exams and what happens afterwards is different. At West Shore you take the exams and then you can go on your phone or play games until everyone has finished. For Eastern Florida, once everyone is finished with their exam they have to stay for another lecture on the next lesson.

“The exams at Eastern Florida are normally smaller because of the time restraint,” junior Scarlett Heuett said. “Since there is less time, that means that there are fewer questions on the exams, meaning more points that can be taken off.”

Often, students stress themselves out by staying up late the night before and cram-studying, which does not allow them to fully understand the topics.

“For my first exam I studied last-minute the night before which wasn’t the best idea,” Heuett said. “But I still passed my exam.”

By Abriana Camilo