Dual-enrollment student face shorter Winter Break

Classes for Eastern Florida State College students ended Dec. 7, more than two weeks before public high schools release for Winter Break. While that might sound like good news for those enrolled full-time at the college, those who are dual-enrolled might not filled with holiday cheer because the must continue attending their high-school classes. In addition, they will return to classes Jan. 7, three days before their friends who attend high school full time.

“I don’t really mind it because it helps me adjust better,” junior Rebecca Hallanan said. “It gives me a few days to get into the swing of Eastern Florida before West Shore is thrown in, rather than everything starting at once.”

Because Eastern Florida currently is on break, dual-enrollment students have additional free time. Junior Scarlett Heuett uses that time to study, do homework and catch up on sleep.

“I would prefer that it started at the same time,” Heuett said. “The only thing I won’t enjoy is not being able to sleep in.”

By Abriana Camilo