District: Firearms prohibited on school campuses

The recent increase in gun-related violence at schools, the Brevard County School Board has taken the initiative to post signs to remind parents, students and other community members that firearms are prohibited on school grounds. 

“[The signs were put in place] to make the public aware as a reminder they should not bring firearms on campus,” Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer said.

Florida Statute 790.115 already prohibits weapons on school property and in school sponsored events, and the signs are here to enforce it.

“There’s a state statute that says you can not be within a certain number of feet with a firearm in schools,” Principal Rick Fleming said. “That’s just a reminder to people that the law hasn’t changed.”

The signs were placed by the front entrance of the school and the back of the school to make sure the most amount of parents and students see it.

“During the day, all visitors report on campus through the front office,” Halbuer said. “In the evening, [visitors] are usually out on the soccer field or out in the gym.”

Florida Legislature has brought up the idea of allowing qualified citizens to carry concealed weapons onto campuses to boost school security.

“There is some legislation out there to allow citizens with a concealed weapons permit to come onto campus to protect the school, but they haven’t been employed by the school system,” Fleming said.

Fleming said he is opposed to allowing this type of security onto schools.

“I am against having [citizens with firearms] on campus,” he said. “There are a lot of things that could go wrong.”

By Michael Stewart