Dance Mania takes on Worlds

Dance Mania team members including senior Jessie Shaw, junior Macie Goldfarb and freshman Danielle Gelin currently are competing in the United States All Star Federation Dance Worlds at Disney’s Coronado Springs Convention Center. The event is the studio’s biggest competition of the year.

“Worlds is an international completion where teams from a lot of different countries, as well as a lot of American teams, compete in one venue,” Goldfarb said. “To be able to participate in the competition you have to receive a bid, whether it’s an invitation or a partial paid bid from a previous national competition.”

Shaw, a veteran on the team, sustained an injury during a performance last weekend.

“During our practices we have to work in three fill-ins because she fractured her foot and she was in three dances,” Gelin said. “Each day we have been cleaning and polishing and getting our dance where it needs to be.”

This international event brings together more than 11,000 cheer and 4,000 dance athletes to vie for world champion titles in senior and international club divisions and categories. 

By Ava Bussey