Cheerleaders debut routines at season-opener

The boys’ varsity basketball team won its first game against Heritage High School on Tuesday night with a score of 54-49, giving the cheerleaders plenty to shout about. Senior Mariah Jones appeared jubilant towards the game as it was her “last first game.”

“I was really excited for the game and because it was a pretty close game,” she said. “It was super-fun to lead the crowd in cheering on the boys.”

The basketball game was the first time the cheerleaders were able to show off their routines to a crowd as they don’t perform for fall sports. After spending the summer working on choreography, the routines came together and so did the squad. Although the cheerleaders weren’t able to practice before Tuesday’s game due to weather conditions, the squad pulled through and performed with no problems, according to Jones.

“I was really happy with how our routines went because we weren’t really able to warm up or anything because of the rain,” she said. “I’m super-proud of my team for giving a great performance. We had tons of fun throughout the night, and I’m really glad that we are bonding so much and working so hard.”

By Alysa Taylor