Cheer coach on the road to retirement

After 13 years of coaching the cheer teams, Carrie Wadzinski has decided it’s time to retire. The cancer fund-raiser Cheer for Charity will be Wadzinski’s last hurrah along with the senior cheerleaders. 

Wadzinski said this year was among the most memorable of her coaching career.

“I’ve known for quite a while that it’s going to be my last year, so I enjoyed it,” Wadzinski said. “I’ve really sat back and paid attention to what was happening.”

Wadzinski said coaching on campus has changed her in positive ways.

“My memories here will be some of the best I’ve ever had because these guys are awesome,” Wadzinski said. “Teaching them, watching them when they do something new and seeing their faces light up because they’re so proud of themselves is enough to make someone happy for the rest of their life.”

Wadzinski said she is going to miss many things about coaching, but she is going to miss the kids the most of all.

“Especially as they get older, and by the time I’ve coached them five or six years, I really have bond with them,” Wadzinski said.

Freshman Marissa Stazzone said it’s going to be hard adjusting to a new coach next year.

“Coach really knows what she’s doing and is always on top of things,” Stazzone said. “Even though it’s my first year, I can see how much of an impact Coach Carrie has made on the entire team. It’s the bonds she has made with all of us that will make us miss her a lot.”

Wadzinski offered advice to the next coach.

“Whether it’s to the kids or whether it’s to the parents, just take a breath and think about it before you speak,” she said.

By Lexi Vorndran