Boys’ soccer tryouts set for Monday

With soccer tryouts scheduled for Monday, the players’ excitement is rising.

“I think it’ll be a good season as long as everyone works hard,” Gavin Robidoux (10) said.

As teammates move up in grades they are expected to take on bigger responsibilities.

 “With new players coming in and [with me] being an upperclassman now, I’m looking forward to being a bigger part of the team and seeing where we can go this season with a different squad,” Michael Villanueva (11) said.

Because the majority of the soccer players play year-round, the boys are not as nervous about tryouts.

“A lot of our players play club soccer,” Robidoux said. “So a majority of preparation has been through playing with club teams and staying fit so we’re ready for high school.” 

Tryouts are being held after school on the soccer field.

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By Marissa Stazzone