Art Honor Society names new president

Art Honor Society named a new president this year, Christina Lawson (12), who looks forward to planning future events for the club.

The art honor is just a really good place to bring everyone together and I’ve had my eye on it since middle school,” Lawson said. “I saw how much fun planning fund-raisers was and how much fun everyone was having at the actual events that I wanted to be a part of that and help plan it out.”

Junior Kayla Bain has been a member of the club for two years now and hopes to continue competitions this year.

“We participated in art competitions across the district which was pretty fun,” Bain said.

The club has recently participated in two events.

“We had the Space Coast art show which most of the kids who are both in National Art Honor Society and in the art classes in general submitted their works to had a chance to win a ribbon,” Lawson said. 

The club also participated in face-painting at Harbor City Elementary for that school’s fall festival.

We do this every year and we have volunteers from the art society come and paint the faces of the kids and they love it, there’s usually a big long line,” Lawson said.

By Elizabeth Pickering