Active hurricane season boosts surf

A recent run of tropical storms or hurricanes out in the ocean have been sending swell to the entire east coast of the U.S, including Brevard County, causing many local surfers to take advantage.

“I have been surfing more than I usually do mainly because it is hurricane season and there has been an increase in swell as compared to the past few months,” Oliver Grimes (11) said.

Although there has been plentiful waves throughout the past month, there has also been a significant amount of onshore wind which causes the surf to be choppy and not clean.

“I have been surfing in spots that offer more wind protection than others so that onshore winds are blocked and the waves are a little cleaner,” said Samuel Havkin (12), who added that he has noticed how the waves from these recent hurricane or tropical storm swells have been rather sloppy and surprisingly better at high tide instead of low.

As hurricane season draws to a conclusion on Nov. 30, ocean temperature will begin to drop and cold-front swells will replace tropical storm swells bringing with them a better chance of more clean and organized surf.

By Ethan Wilder