Bowling season opens Tuesday at Harbour Lanes

Krunal Patel, Staff Writer

The first men’s and women’s bowling match will be held Tuesday at 4 p.m. at the Harbour Lanes Bowling Center against Space Coast.

“I am interested to see how we perform,” Coach Kirk Murphy said via email. “There is only one returning boy [senior Brandon Toothaker], but I have some new boys that I think will make the team competitive.”

Murphy says the girls’ team contains more veterans.

“The girls, most of them, are back from last year,” he said. “Some of them took time out over the summer to work on their skills and it is noticeable. I know there are some tough girls teams in our area.”

Junior Timmy Pham says he is excited for the upcoming match.

I am looking forward to my first-ever bowling match, and I am hoping that will I do really well,” he said.