Dress code is unreasonable

I’ve always been very frustrated by the dress code. I have never personally gotten dress coded, but I’ve heard stories of my friends getting dress coded and it has always upset me. I feel like when it comes to dress code, some of the things people get in trouble for, are quite ridiculous. For example, I feel like as long as you undergarments aren’t showing, then you shouldn’t get dress-coded. I don’t see anything wrong with wearing racer-back shirt, in the heat of August in Florida as long as you aren’t exposing anything. As long as the tank top covers everything, then it should be acceptable to wear.

The other thing I am bothered by is the issue with shorts. I can understand that if someone is wearing shorts and they are exposing themselves, then they should get dress-coded, but I’ve seen people get dress-coded for their shorts and they aren’t even exposing anything at all. Whenever I hear an explanation from a teacher or administrator to why people get dress coded for shorts being “too short,” they say that it’s because their shorts are shorter than their fingertips when they hold their hands by their side. What I don’t get is that people have different proportions, some have longer legs, and some people have longer arms, so how can you judge shorts on someone with super long legs, when nothing is exposed, or someone with really long arms and it’s hard to judge that.

Also, the style changes, and right now, it’s hard to get shorts that are that long, because the style is shorter shorts. It’s kind of difficult to find long shorts at this time. I just don’t understand how the dress code can be so strict when people are different shapes and sizes, style changes so much and the weather is extremely harsh here in Florida.

Desiree Corbin, junior