Humans of West Shore: Joanae Lawrence


Joanae Lawrence

Lawrence models for the cover of Space Coast Living.

Fallon Klenotich, Featured Writer

It’s one thing to see classmates walk down the hallways of school, but few know that senior Joanae Lawrence has walked down the runway of Miami Swim Week. Since she was 12 years old, Lawrence has been modeling and taking pictures professionally.

“Fashion was always a big part of my life,” Lawrence said. “When I was around 10 years old I would make little dresses for my dolls. I love coordinating textures and colors, it helps me feel unique and special. My ultimate dream is to be a model and a fashion photographer, but a more obtainable goal is owning a boutique shop. I will be attending school in the future for retail merchandising.”

For the past two years, Lawrence has worked at Downtown Divas, a boutique in Downtown Melbourne. Through her job, she creates looks for costumers, models clothing and is featured on boutique’s social media accounts.

“Downtown Divas allows you to be creative in your fashion abilities and be in an environment full of opportunities,” coworker Eva Banton said. “I think any time you are on social media modeling something or forced to interact with people, it brings opportunities for you to get a job o er. It only takes one person to notice you and then you could have a job.”