Water-less regatta takes its toll

Before Space Coast Crew completed its first regatta at Turkey Lake, the team tried its hand at a different kind of competition. Erg Sprints is considered a regatta but it doesn’t take place on the water, it takes place on the rowing simulators officially called ergometers.

“It’s definitely my least-favorite regatta,” junior Eran Del Castillo said. “Ergging is never fun for anyone as far as I can tell, but it’s just something you have to do.”

The regatta took place at Florida Institute of Technology’s Clemente Center, and teams from all over the country traveled to compete in this national event. The gym was packed with rowing simulators and rowers would compete in their individual events including lightweight men’s category and freshman women’s category.

“It was definitely not fun,” sophomore Jacob Eberwein said. “I just wanted to get it over with to be honest. I understand that it’s a tradition that we compete in it and everything, but still, ergging [stinks].”

Several Space Coast Crew rowers finished first in their flight, which is the way that the officials split the events into manageable pieces. There is one overall feeling about the Erg Sprints regatta, and that is the feeling of relief that it’s over.

Loryn Schopke