NHS elects officers

National Honor Society held their elections yesterday for the 2014-2015 school year. The elections were relatively informal as members of the club voted by raising their hands.

Junior Mary-Elizabeth Jobson was chosen to be the President of the club, and junior Rachel Ho was nominated to be the Vice President. Other officers include junior Erin Sheridan as secretary, junior Taylor Irwin as Treasurer, and junior Sarah Arends as Historian.

“I am really happy with the results,” sophomore Ashley Norris said. “I believe that the new officers will live up to all of the returning members’ expectations.”

Sophomore Megan Ward concurs with other NHS members.

“I am interested to see what the officers will plan for next year,” Ward said. “We held several fund-raisers this year that benefitted other people in the community. I am happy to know that I have helped others. I hope that the club continues to extend a helping hand to others.”

Meetings will resume in the fall.