Sophomore Class fund-raiser postponed


The Sophomore Class fund-raiser “Are You Smarter than Your Teacher” competition has been put off until second semester due to scheduling conflicts.

Postponement of the brain-bowl style competition, which had been scheduled for Friday, comes as a disappointment to members of the Sophomore Class.

“I feel sad because aside from summer fund-raising, this was going to be our first Sophomore Class school fund-raiser and now it was sadly canceled,”  sophomore class president Moses Chavez-Gray said. “I think there will be opportunity for fund-raising in the near future, so we’ll just have to look forward and plan for more events.”

Chavez-Gray wants his fellow representatives to stay focused on fund-raising.

“I really hope the Sophomore Class gets involved and comes together in the events to come,” he said.

Those who have already paid to participate in the competition should contact Sophomore Class sponsor Gabrielle Powers in Room 15-105.

By David Thompson