Musicians perform at All County Orchestra


Jaclyn Martin

At the December 2012 concert, sophomore Orchestra members watch teacher Maureen Fallon conduct.

Members of the orchestra and band program will perform in the All County Orchestra concert this Saturday. Orchestra members include McKenzie C., Andrew L., Sebastian M., Marissa S., Alice C., Arianna I., and Zachary Z.  in the Middle School Orchestra. In the High School Orchestra, West Shore is represented by Rachel Ho, Kevin Baylen, and Sierra Park

“Usually the kids that audition take private lessons and study with their teachers, so they’re busy” Orchestra teacher Maureen Fallon said. “We have eleven players, so it’s great.”

For the first time in years, a West Shore band student has also been included in the orchestra. Baylen, a flautist, will be performing alongside the High School Orchestra.

“You get to cooperate with musicians who are just as excited about music as you are” Baylen said. “It’s exciting.”

The musicians have been rehearsing for a week and will miss school on Friday to rehearse as an ensemble. Baylen had mixed feelings on missing school.

“I’m actually a little sad I have to miss Friday, because I have a lot of AP classes that it may be difficult to catch up on” he said. “But I think I’ll be okay.”

The performance is scheduled for 2 p.m. at Satellite High School.

“The performance is the presentation of what you’v been working up to” Baylen said. “It’s entirely different from practicing or learning. It’s the most rewarding part.”

“Their concerts are always very good, along with their conductors” Fallon said.  “It’ll be great.”