Purrfections fund-raise for MixedBags

The dance team Purrfections are partaking in a fund-raiser called MixedBags. MixedBags donates a percentage of the funds directly back to the team.

“This fund-raiser is extremely beneficial to us because the bags are actually nice and made of descent quality,” eighth-grader Carly Kelsey said. “Due to the fact that the bags are of nice quality, people are more interested in buying them. With more people buying them, that means more money for us which will help assist us in raising funds for competition.”

The order forms are due May 19 so that the purchased items can be delivered near the end of the school year.

“This gives us enough time to go out and ask friends, family and even our neighbors,” Kelsey said. “The fund-raiser is also great for us because people who live out of the state can go online and order the bags. All they have to do is put in dance teams’ number and we will still receive a portion of their money.”

Sophomore Hannah Montgomery said the fund-raiser is advantageous.

“Participating in this is a fantastic way for us to obtain some money for competition fees and even decrease the costs for things such as camp and practice wear,” Montgomery said.