Media University program offers students a chance to experience advertising world

Any high school student interested in advertising, brands, and communications is asked to join the Media University program. This program is offered by the College of Media at the University of Illinois from June 16-27.

“This program introduces high school students to many facets of advertising and journalism as viable career choices through hands-on learning activities,” program coordinator Linna DiBerardino said.

There will be classroom sessions taught by Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising renowned faculty, and current college students in advertising will help teams of campers on their projects. 

“I’m not really sure in what field I want to work in,” junior Alicia Ortiz said. “But I for sure know that it would be a fun experience to go to a different state without your parents and sort of get the college experience.”

The advertising track of this program will show students what it’s like to work in advertising by giving them the opportunity to work with a real client.

“In the past I’ve considered working in the field of public relations when I’m older,” freshman Sarah Petrone said. “So if I were to join this program it would help me decide if I am really interested in things like advertising.”

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