Bells ringing a minute early

The bells at West Shore have been ringing a minute earlier than they are scheduled to ring.  After all the problems that the bells had at the beginning of the year with not ringing, it seems that most people are just overlooking the minute difference.

“It doesn’t really affect me,” junior Victoria Escandell said. “School starts early and school gets out early, but it does not really bother me.”

It does not seem like one minute can make a large difference, but for some it can have an impact on the way their class runs.  It can throw off an entire schedule.

“The reason it was a problem for me is I set an alarm for every class two minutes before the actual bell rings,” physics teacher Cinsy Krehbiel said.

With the bell ringing early, Krehbiel’s students would not have enough time to put their backpacks together and still have passing time.