Band prepares for fun spring concert


Natalie Brown

The day before the concert, band teacher Carol Allen rehearses with her beginning band one last time.

Godzilla will eat Las Vegas tonight at the band concert, which will start at six p.m. at Eau Gallie High School. All four bands will play: beginning, advanced, Wind Ensemble, and jazz band.

“We’re doing a lot of fun music at this concert, though we do more traditional music at our other concerts,” Wind Ensemble clarinetist Natalie Brown said. “Our beginning band is playing a song about zombies, and the Wind Ensemble is playing ‘Godzilla Eats Las Vegas.'”

There is no charge to attend the concert, but the band will accept donations to help pay for the cost of renting Eau Gallie’s auditorium, a necessity since West Shore’s auditorium is not large enough to hold the Wind Ensemble.

“We’ve worked so hard just to get Godzilla playable,” Brown said. “It’s a college level piece and we’ve really stretched all of our performers to play their best. It’s been difficult, but in the end you’ll be amazed.”