16 make boys middle school basketball team

Sixteen of the 35 players who tried out for boys’ middle-school basketball have made the team.

“[It was] Best middle school tryout in the eight years I have been here,” varsity Coach Tony Riopelle said. “[They had a] great turnout and [the players] made it difficult for the coaching staff to make selections.”

The middle-school team will be coached by Robert Salazar, who previously has been the assistant coach for the boys varsity team.

“This [decision] was hard,” Salazar said. “It’s my first year as a head coach. I’m extremely excited for the upcoming season. The theme for the middle school season this year is ‘do or do not there is no try.’ If it’s good enough for Yoda its good for me.”

The following players will represent the middle school boys basketball team:

Esteban A., Malcolm C., Max C., Lev F., Tyler G., Brendan K., Evan L., Samuel L., Jace P., Keegan S., Chase S., Cole S., David T., Matthew U. and Christian W.

Editor’s note: Last names have been excluded due to district policy prohibiting posting names of middle-school students online.