Yearbook draws national attention

West Shore is no stranger to awards and yet another one has been added to the extensive collection that already exists. The 2010-2011 “Arcadia” yearbook has been recognized and featured in the 2012 edition of the “Gotcha Covered Look Book,” Volume 10. This book is comprised of pages from only 400 out of 3,000 yearbooks submitted nationwide.

“Yearbooks are unique, limited edition books created by students to capture the stories and events for all of the school’s students and Jostens is proud to celebrate the yearbook tradition and the 400 yearbooks selected for the 2012 Gotcha Covered Look Book, Volume 10,” said Gary Lundgren, Jostens senior program manager/education.

This mark of excellence didn’t come easy.

“We were in here every Saturday — except during Christmas Break —  from Thanksgiving until Valentine’s Day working eight hours at least,” Arcadia adviser Mark Schledorn said.

Editor in chief Nikki Gregory said she’s enjoying the recognition.

“It feels amazing being recognized for all of our hard work. Mr. Schledorn puts in more time and effort then anyone realizes, and it’s a great reward to be able to give back to him. I hope that people realize the amount of work and dedication it takes to make our yearbook and appreciate its quality compared to other books,” the senior said. “I just hope that the judges and students will like this year’s book as much as the last.”

West Shore graduates Christa Beck, Meagan Poulsen and Kassidy Silva served as editors in chief of the 2011 edition of “Arcadia.”

By Konur Oyman