TV production upgrades in the works

Tv productions will combine with journalism starting next year because it has to fall under the journalism code.

Assistant Principal of Facilities Jim Melia said he and TV productions teacher Maria Sotolongo are going to Merritt Island High School to observe the set-up of its studio and see if it will possible to build a similar one at West Shore. It is an open studio which means it is part of the classroom, unlike the current studio at West Shore which is a separate room from the classroom.

In addition a studio, plans call for an upgrade in equipment which is mostly 1990s era technology.

“When we show up to competitions, all the other schools have their stuff on flash drives and we have ours on VHS,” Melia said.

Sophomore TV productions student Sabrina Fabbri said having new equipment would make filming the announcements less of a hassle.

“I feel as though we really need new equipment because it’s so old and dusty and it takes forever to load,” Fabbri said. “And some equipment rarely ever works properly.”

The newer equipment will enable the morning announcements to stream on the school’s website so parents and anyone else who wants can see them.

By Grace Alcock