Students win 115 awards at science fair

West Shore students took home 115 awards from the Regional Science Fair held at Merritt Square Mall over the weekend. Fourteen students placed first, while 36 others placed lower. West Shore also took home three out of the four “Best of Shows” awards.

After taking 77 students to the fair, science research teacher Mary Anderson was pleased with the results.

“The kids all participated well,” Anderson said. “The projects were all high-level.”

Sophomore Andrew Lim, who won the Microbiology Senior Division , said the competition was tougher this year and that, that unlike previous years, this year’s judges would not listen to him and only looked at his board.

Senior James Oskam, who placed first in Behavioral and Social Sciences agreed.

“The judges were very critical,” Oskam said. “I had two judges who practically tore my project apart.”

All in all, West Shore participated in 22 of the 26 categories. Srimayi Tenali, Rashad Abdulla, and Michelle Chin received the Best of Show awards.

By Jenna Forry