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  • Brevard Public Schools will provide free lunch to students through Oct. 20.

  • Homecoming tickets will be on sale from Tuesday to Friday during lunch.

  • Tuesday will be Tacky Tourist Day for Spirit Week.

Recyclers gain added bonus

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Advanced Placement Environmental Science teacher Paula Ladd encourages students to recycle for Community service hours and extra-credit.

“You really just pick-up the paper from classrooms and take it to the big dumpster behind the cafeteria,” Ladd said. “[Students] get Bright Futures and West Shore hours.”

“Ladd offers extra-credit, and I pretty much recycle anytime my grade is low,” said senior Johan Henna, an AP Environmental Science.

“I recycle after school mostly to get extra-credit, but then I get hours too,” senior Bianca Taraschi said. “It’s pretty much a win-win.”

Ladd said even students who don’t take her class can help out, for the hours or just because they care about recycling. Interested students should report to Room 16-106 and any day before or after school.

By Scarlett Callahan

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The School Newspaper of West Shore Junior/Senior High School
Recyclers gain added bonus