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Pepsi contract brings Gatorade machine

Felicia Solazzo and Justin Laneuville, Staff Writers

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A new Gatorade machine consisting of six different flavored drinks costing $1 each has been installed in the courtyard.

“Unlike soda machines in the past, the Gatorade machine will be available to students throughout the entire school day,” Assistant Principal Jim Melia said.

Brevard Public Schools has an exclusive contract with Pepsi which supplies its schools with 75 to 125 cases of soda or water to have on hand at events. The three machines on campus — one in the teacher workroom and two in the courtyard — help pay for these expenses.

“Over the summer, representatives from Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola met with a committee of six Brevard school employees, one of them being [Principal Rick] Fleming,” Melia said. “The committee chose the Pepsi-Cola proposal, making us a Pepsi school for the next six years.”

Students are finding the new machines to be useful.

“I find the new Gatorade machine to be very convenient,” junior Scott Adams said. “Before basketball practice, I can stop and get a drink.”

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The School Newspaper of West Shore Junior/Senior High School
Pepsi contract brings Gatorade machine