Dance for a Cure fund-raiser successful

Raising more than $7,000 for Breast Friends, Brady Kelsey’s Senior Project “Dance for a Cure” was a huge success. The event was held in Florida Institute of Technology’s gym on Sunday.

“I think it went fantastic,” Kelsey said. “There were no malfunctions with sound and everyone fit in the gym with the help of 30 folding chairs.”

Kelsey said having the tickets pre-sold was advantageous.

“Selling tickets ahead of time was useful because we had a rough estimate on how many people were there and we were able to get people who bought pre-sale tickets through the door a lot faster,” she said.

Sophomore Megan Ward said she enjoyed dancing for a cure.

“As we did each dance I felt as if we were one step closer to finding a cure,” Ward said. “This made me feel happy since I want a cure to be found as soon as possible.”

Freshman Alicia Handley concurred.

“This was the first time I participated in Dance for a Cure and I thought it was a great experience,” Handley said. “I do not think the event could have gone any better since everything ran smoothly and I had a lot of fun dancing for a great cause.”