Juniors to wash cars Saturday

Jenna Winter, Staff Writer

Junior Class has scheduled a car wash at Doubles Beachside this weekend. To raise money for Prom, juniors and their parents will be washing cars from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. for donations. Students will be washing cars and publicizing the fund-raiser on South Patrick Drive.

“I will be holding signs on the side of road and getting so many cars to line up for soap and water,” junior Shaun Wilson said.

Prom has been scheduled for April, and with budget cuts and fund-raising restrictions, Junior Class has been forced to hold many fund-raisers during first semester.

“I really hope we make effort money for this car wash so our other fund-raisers can pay for themselves,” Junior Class treasury  Sierra Purden said. “We plan to have Class of 2014 sweatshirts and T-shirts for sell during winter.”