Election results draw mixed reactions

Andrew Lim, Staff Writer

Although President Barack Obama has officially captured his second term late Tuesday night, Florida still hasn’t officially submitted its electoral votes. With the difference between the president and Gov. Mitt Romney at about half of a percent, fewer than 50,000 votes separate the two. The close results are reflected in the student reaction on campus.

“I really don’t like how Obama won,” seventh-grader Drew K. said. “Obama has done nothing to help this country in the last four years. Mitt Romney could have done a way better job, especially with the economy, if he had won.”

But junior Hailey Macrander said economic issues were not as important to her.

“For me, it was kind of a choice between depressing all of America’s women and the economic issues,” she said. “I would have chosen women’s rights, and, therefore, Obama. I’m just really glad he won.”

Sophomore Lydia Kline shared Macrander’s beliefs.

“Obama winning is way better than Romney winning,” she said. “Because he’ll actually do better things, like not throwing the economy into the ground.”

Junior Rosalie Heninger said she’s just glad the election is over.

“I was so confused because there were so many different polls and results and other stuff,” she said. “I just went to sleep and found [the results] this morning on the Internet. But I was indifferent because I liked and disliked things about both of them.”

Romney supporter Ilana Krause said she remains optimistic about the future.

“I’m not exactly thrilled, but now I feel that Obama has to prove himself,” she said. “People also need to be more respectful of the presidency, even if they don’t agree. Just because the Republicans lost doesn’t mean you can disrespect the office.”

Even though senior Alec Luker leaned toward Romney, his vote revealed another perspective.

“I was outraged because Obama got unemployment to record-high levels and added so much debt. You’d think Romney would have had it easy,” he said. “But of course, it didn’t really affect me because I voted for myself as a write-in.”