Band teacher returns following surgery

Band Director Carol Allen missed a couply of days of work recently to have a cyst removed from her mouth.

“Turns out it was causing a lot of problems,” Allen said.

Allen said she had been feeling sick for awhile and went to the doctor to get checked out, but the doctor couldnt find anything wrong.

“[I] had all kinds of tests done,” she said.

She had accidently found the source of her illness when she visited her dentist.

“Went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned, and they noticed,” she said. “Teeth can really mess up your system. Most people don’t realize that.”

Allen says she’s on the road to recovery, but with MPAs scheduled for March 16, there was a lot of practice that needs to be done.

“It’s been stressful without her,” junior Jamie Cox said. “We have to practice our music alone, and it can get crazy at times. We have to get ready for MPA and everyone is feeling the pressure.”

Allen is helping her students get ready MPAs — most of all — thankful for her health.

“It could have been way worse,” she said. “I was a little worried myself.”

By Samantha Watson