Art honor group plans landscape makeover

Sprucing up the school will fall — at least in part — into the hands of the National Art Honor Society next year. The space in between Building 5 and the gym has never been a looker, but with a plan to install concrete benches, plants and a new fence, the foot traffic is projected to increase.

The Beautification Committee already has planted groups of red wildflowers in the area, but NAHS hopes to do more.

“[The club] wants a decorative cover for the fence around the AC unit first,” NAHS and art teacher Annamarie Zink said.

NAHS raised $400 at the first Global Art Banquet earlier in the year. Two-hundred dollars was donated to Unicef, and the rest will be used for the purchase of benches and plants.

“Whatever we do, we have to have something connected to the ground,” Zink said. “The fear is toward a break-in and someone using decorations as projectiles.”

NAHS has scheduled a second annual Global Art Banquet as another fund-raiser for next year.

By Sarah Kinsey