Hurricane makeup plan draws mixed reviews


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Hurricane Nicole caused schools to be closed for two days last week.

Because of missed school days caused by Hurricane Ian, the Brevard County School Board has decided to extend select Fridays from the early release schedule of 38-minute classes to the normal schedule of 49-minute classes. 

Math teacher Debra Jerdon said she doesn’t mind losing some early release Fridays.

“I don’t gain any planning time because I have to spend extra time figuring out how to fit a normal length lesson into a shorter period,” Jerdon said. “I don’t enjoy how rushed [early release days] can be sometimes.”

Freshman Skyler Clark said the school board’s plan makes sense.

“I think extended Fridays will be ideal, we’re not missing too much school that we need full days back,” Clark said. “I’m still getting work done over the hurricane, so I’m really not missing any learning.”

Clark said the change will impact her after school routine.

“Our [junior varsity soccer] practice was normal and ended later than normal [than on a regular Friday], giving me less time to work on homework on Friday,” Clark said.

Freshman Megan Miles said she would prefer making up the time all at once.

“I would rather make up a full day during summer or Winter Break because I look forward to Fridays throughout the week, because all the classes are shorter,” Miles said. “On Fridays, I do most or all of my homework early so that I don’t have to do it over the weekend.” 

Hurricane Nicole also triggered school cancellations last week, but the plan for how teachers and students will make up for lost days has yet to be determined.

“In general, I don’t like to lose any days because I teach classes that have a lot of standards and I need each day I can get,” Jerdon said. “However, if we don’t have to make any up, I’ll enjoy those days off like everyone else.” 

By Alexandra Buras