TV show features Project Whitworth


Noelle Moore

Former chemistry teacher Delilah Narvaez directs a lab in August.

Project Whitworth has been highlighted in the TV show “Science and Technology Education: Reaching for the Stars,” produced by Florida Today. The show looks into various STEM-related projects taken on by high-school students in Brevard County. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math.

“Project Whitworth is a project to investigate ALS through the study of enzymatic breakdown of proteins,” science teacher and teacher facilitator for Project Whitworth Amy McCormick said.

McCormick said she enjoyed the documentary and was excited that Project Whitworth was highlighted in it.

“The thing that I enjoyed most about the documentary was hearing coach Whitworth’s voice again,” she said.

The show focused on how these projects may help students in pursuing STEM-related careers.. Sophomore Brooke Townsend, who wants to pursue a career in mathematics, thinks projects like this can be beneficial.

“It gives [students] more insight on what they want to do and gives them more experience in that field,” said Townsend.

McCormick also said projects that involve STEM can help students explore possible careers.

“Every student that worked on the project is pursuing a STEM-related field in college, with some specifically in the medical field,” McC0rmick said.

Students had an opportunity to view the program during home-room meetings Nov. 3.

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By Helen McSorley