Senior earns full ride to Duke University


Senior Maggie Dercole received a full ride scholarship to Duke University for her undergraduate degree. 

“I did study and prepare for a really long time for a lot of standardized test, which is why I ended up getting a 36 on my ACT,” Dercole said. “Which I think  really helped me get my foot in the door for QuestBridge.”

QuestBridge is a non-profit organization that helps students get exposed to and apply for scholarship opportunities. Dercole needed a recommendation for her application process, so she went to AP Chemistry teacher Carolyn Horst for a letter of recommendation. 

“I just wrote a recommendation letter for her,” Horst said. “That really wasn’t too hard to do just because she is a phenomenal student. I had her last year in AP Chemistry and she has just always been a stand-out student.”