Transfer cheerleader swaps allegiances


Varsity cheerleader Zoey Tegland (11), experienced mixed emotions as she performed courtside at the girls’ varsity basketball game against a team from Palm Bay.

As a freshman and sophomore, Tegland attended Bayside High School but transferred to West Shore at the beginning of this year.

“Seeing my old team play put me at a very different perspective,” Tegland said. “Seeing some of my old friends I used to cheer for made me excited and even more thrilled to cheer West Shore on to their victory.”

Tegland’s former classmate Destiny Medina plays for Bayside’s basketball team.

“I’m happy for her. She looked happy and that’s all I want,” Medina said. “It sucks not having my best friend cheer for me, but at the end of the day she’s happy so I’m happy. So I’d say it’s awesome.”

Tegland  took two online classes in addition to usual seven classes at Bayside last school year in order to qualify for admission to West Shore.

“The stress of the work was most definitely worth going to West Shore,” Tegland said. “Now I feel as if I’m pushing myself harder which will help me in the long run for college and job opportunities.”

Tegland spent the summer meeting new friends who attend West Shore.

“I decided to make changes for myself,” Tegland said. “This included having to make new friends coming to a new school and still keeping in contact with my other friends. My favorite part about West Shore is the how much the teachers are involved and how everyone is noticed and appreciated around the school. I’ve always felt very welcomed.”

By Aubrey Tegland