JV boys look to rebound from 0-16 season

Madison Ainbinder

The junior varsity boys’ basketball has begun preparing for upcoming games after coming off of an 0-16 season. 

“Tryouts haven’t happened yet but we’re weight lifting and running about three days a week,” sophomore Chase Burton said.

Tryouts start Nov. 5 and a lot has changed within the program. Sophomore Kyle Peters said the team’s new coach, Chip Golden, will alter the team’s dynamics.

“It will definitely change some things,” he said. “It’s a different style of play and a different mentality.”

The team has struggled in the past working as a unit and in attack, according to junior Robby Benezra.

“I think the boys need to come together as a team more,” he said. “They need to set picks for each other, run plays and pick each other up when one falls, be there for your teammates.”

Tryouts are now less than two weeks away and games will start soon after.

“This season’s a fresh start, it’ll be an adventure,” Burton said. 

By Madison Ainbinder